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Child Safety, Security & Health

Academy for Creative Learning


Child Safety, Security & Health

Child Safety and Security

Our facility is equipped with the greatest technology to ensure the utmost safety of your child.

Our one entry/one exit system is locked during the hours of 9 am – 3 pm and only accessible to individuals provided with a security code for entry by our office staff.

During all other open hours we have, at minimum, 2 staff present in the one entry/one exit area at all times.


Nutritious Meals

Nutritious morning and afternoon snacks as well as a nutritious lunch are served at the school daily. Lunch counts are taken at 9:30 am. For your convenience, weekly menus are posted at the center. Children are served in their classroom and are encouraged to use good manners and to clean up after themselves. ACL is a "nut free" facility. 

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